Key Responsibilities of Construction Manager and Inspector

Construction Manager

  • Manage and administer project contracts
  • Ensure projects are completed on schedule and within budget
  • Change order negotiation and administration
  • Negotiate and resolve construction contracts disputes
  • Coordinate complex construction contracts and activities between the Contractor, Client staff and permitting agencies
  • Evaluate and prepare change orders
  • Monitor project budgets and recommend approval of contract payments
  • Coordinate and administer pre-bid and pre-construction meetings including preparation and distribution of meeting minutes
  • Prepare and coordinate the distribution of addendums
  • Shop drawing review and coordination
  • Assist and participate in construction claims defense
  • Perform all other relevant duties as assigned

Construction Inspector

  • Provide quality assurance and quality controls
  • Conduct material and workmanship observations of construction project to ensure compliance with plans, specifications, contract documents and permits
  • Document the project through daily construction reports and photographs
  • Issue compliance deficiency notices to contractors requiring modifications to work in progress
  • Respond and resolve citizens complaints related to project work
  • Assist in construction contract administration
  • Interpret plans and specifications
  • Review, correct and ensure completeness of contractor as-built drawings
  • Enforce on-site safety requirements
  • Perform all other relevant duties as assigned
  • The individuals that represent our Construction Management and Consulting Services team have extensive experience in public and private construction management, contract administration, inspection, and construction quality assurance/controls. We will be fully responsible for providing all the day-to-day oversight of the project as well as handle contractors' questions, pay requests and requests for change orders. We are experienced in establishing meeting schedules, notices, agendas, minutes taking, and distribution procedures. Our Construction Managers, Inspectors and Resident Engineers are construction experts experienced in providing contract administration and daily construction oversight under the supervision of the Client’s construction Project Manager.

    Based on our “lessons learned” from past projects, we recommend the following additional tasks that will enhance the projects and ultimately reduce costs and schedule impacts:

    Budgets and Estimates

    Our construction experts stay up to date on current pricing and maintain a historical database of fair and reasonable costs for public and private construction. When changes in the work occur, we prepare our own independent estimate, while the contractor prepares his proposal, and then we negotiate from OUR estimate to a fair and reasonable price.


    The partnering process is a tool which we have successfully used to ensure a quick and smooth start to our projects. This is merely an informal meeting (not facilitated) with the contractor, his project manager or superintendent, and the construction manager, and affiliated team members. We spend 2-4 hours reviewing the contract documents to ensure both parties fully understand the requirements. Any potential issues can be identified and dealt with prior to the start of construction in effort to save time and money. It assists the contractor in preparing to do his work, by his fully understanding the requirements expected. We will provide a Contractor’s Handbook as an aid to the contractor which will provide them with guidelines as to how the Client does business, and provide electronic and hard copy forms of all the documents expected to be utilized during the life of the contract.

    Constructability and Value Engineering Services

    Our staff of construction experts has extensive experience providing constructability and value engineering services to our current and past Clients. By providing these services, we have saved our Clients many thousands of dollars and months of schedule time. Our experts are as experienced in the practical construction as they are at the management. We are also able to perform risk analysis and provide management recommendations during this period.

    Warranty Confirmations

    It has been our experience that, after the work is completed, the facilities are placed into operation, and the Notice of Completion has been filed, the contract is essentially forgotten about. We track our completed projects for our Clients to remind them, of equipment and labor warranties which are about to expire and LMG or the Client’s Operations Department should physically review the project and ensure that there are no defects, prior to expiration of the warranty. Should defects be discovered, the contractor is notified immediately in writing and given a date by which to correct the defect. This service has saved our clients many dollars and public relationships.

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