We are prepared to work as a team with the contractor to provide a quality product. This quality product begins with a detailed construction schedule that is reviewed by the Construction Manager (CM) for compliance with the project specifications. The schedule must identify the critical path and have enough detail to reflect all the construction activities required to facilitate construction. A kick-off meeting with the Client’s Project Manager (PM) will identify the project goals and objectives and discuss specials concerns of the Client. At this meeting, the CM will discuss the lines of communication, project controls, and frequency of reports, Agency and or Client contacts, and the protocol for transfer of information and correspondence.

A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled following approval of the construction schedule. The CM will chair the meeting, with the support of the Client’s PM, and follow a detailed agenda highlighting the lines of communication, anticipated start of construction, utility coordination, contract requirements, submittal requirements, interaction with the public, and the goals and objectives of the project. At this meeting, the Contractor will submit a copy of the daily report forms, emergency contact list, and sample notice to residents, traffic control plan, materials submittals, and designation of project superintendent. A copy of the minutes generated by the CM will be distributed the following day to the attendees. Following the pre-construction meeting, the Inspector will document the site with digital photos and videotape.

Prior to the Notice-to-Proceed, the Inspector will distribute approved resident notifications and confirm that all Agencies including Underground Dig Alert have been notified. During this time, the CM and the Inspector will be on-site interacting with the public or those impacted by the construction in order to inform them and prepare them thus reducing calls and interruptions to the Client or Agency.

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