During the first week of construction, the CM and the Inspector will be on-site interacting with the public and observing the construction. The CM will keep in close contact with the Client’s PM and provide real time updates on the progress and issues related to the project. Weekly site meetings will be scheduled and chaired by the CM in order to monitor the project schedule and to maintain organization and communication. In order to keep the Client fully informed, the CM will generate the following weekly reports: cost management spread sheet, permit activity, complaint resolution log, change order log, statement of working days, and inspection logs. The CM will communicate clarifications to the Inspector and coordinate inspection and testing. The CM will play a key role during the construction process by reviewing the Contractor’s work, identifying corrections when they are discovered, and reviewing quantities for payment. During Construction, the CM will meet with the Client to monitor schedules and budget and administer the contract on behalf of the Client. The CM will also coordinate project materials submittals with the Design Engineer and or Architect.

The CM will maintain copies of the daily reports, contractor’s daily reports, approved deviations to plans, and construction schedules, including a two-week look-ahead schedule. The CM will maintain a construction file during the course of construction, which will be provided to the Client at the end of the project on a DVD. The project folder will be organized and maintained daily inaccordance to the Client wishes.

During the project, if a changed condition is encountered, the CM will provide the Client’s PM a draft change order including a memorandum, estimated cost, and a review of how the changes will affect the schedule. The Contractor will commence with the work when he receives a final change order prepared by the CM and approved by the Client’s PM. The CM will be responsible for quality control of the project, reviewing the quality of the work, reviewing the project file, and comparing quantity calculations and notations to as-constructed quantities and drawings.

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