Approaching a typical project will begin with a quick response to the Client’s call for assistance and the set-up of an initial project meeting to understand the scope and schedule of the project. Upon award of the Construction Management team, personnel will begin to interface with the Client and refine our existing Construction Management Project Manual (CMPM) for all tasking. We will ensure that the applicable Agency standards, processes and expectations are fully understood, met, and incorporated into our manual. We will also ensure that our intra- communications systems are optimized with the Clients’ and establish clear lines of communication for the project team so that the Client has a single point of contact or "Go To" person. Our CMPM will incorporate all measures to ensure we meld the team into the Clients’ seamlessly and come up to full production before Notice-to-Proceed.

The following describes a detailed discussion of LMG’s approach in terms of the services we normally provide for public works and private projects in terms of the following key services:

  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Project Closeout
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