Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to be an Advocate during the project. We combine our knowledge, practical experience, judgment and leadership ability with our commitment to excellence and professionalism to provide quality design management construction services. We owe our client a fiduciary duty as the owner’s representative. Providing services with intelligence, integrity and energy and being exclusively responsible to the Client, acting in their best interest at every stage of the project to ensure complete satisfaction. In order to maintain this responsibility to [project name] we adhere to a code of ethics as professionals, responsible for the successful completion of the project.

LMG’s services are based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the types of services to be performed and at fair and reasonable prices. We believe success is bred from providing “Service First & Profit Second”. It is the honest thing to do, and it is the Lee Michaels Group philosophy!

Our team and its resources have performed Design, Construction Management, Engineering, MEP Coordination, Energy related and Consulting Services under several public works and private contracts. Through this, our team has gained an excellent understanding of project requirements and a depth of experience in responding to them. Our team is proficient at a multitude of tasks and can effectively plan for flexible workload and scheduling requirements, including those that require highly specialized and out of the ordinary services.

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